About air

Air pollution

Exhaust fumes, pollen, dust, tobacco smoke, radon, mould and sot are only a few of the different kind of air pollutions we inhale daily in our homes. The every day routines in combination with air from the outside create high levels of pollutions in the air. Air pollutions affect our health and are especially harmful for children or people suffering from allergies or asthma.
Larger cities in general suffer from big problems with air pollution and high levels of particles in the air. Traffic, industries and transports all contribute to poor air quality and even smaller cities or towns now have emerging problems with air quality.

The biggest problem with air pollution is that the polluted air doesn’t stay outside; the air is let in into our homes where it is difficult to avoid inhaling the harmful particles. Research indicates that air pollution shortens human life expectancy in bigger cities and exhaust fumes from traffic can increase the risk of lung cancer and asthma. Air pollution also impairs the lung capacity of small children.
ELFI air cleaning products have a 95-100 % purification level and you avoid inhaling dangerous particles from traffic and industries in your home.

Bacteria and diseases

In places where many people gather, the risk of catching air born diseases increases. The flu, stomach diseases and common colds are just some of the illnesses we suffer from yearly and it is often impossible to determine where we got infected. Was it perhaps in the dentist’s waiting room, in the grocery store or maybe at that birthday party last weekend? We know how hard it can be to get rid of a cold since it goes from person to person and this is obviously especially troublesome for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

Illnesses are also the cause of large losses for employers and small business. When the flu is spreading through the work place, the results often are delays, missed deadlines and reductions in production.
ELFI air cleaning products have a 95-100 % purification level and you minimize the risk of illnesses spreading in your home or work place.

Pollen, dust and chemicals

Itching eyes and a running nose? The spring and early summer can be trying times for allergic people and it seldom helps to stay inside as pollen find their way indoors. Further, it isn’t comfortable to close all windows and ventilation to keep the pollen out as the air may get stale or heavy. For those allergic to dust it is very important to keep the home clean and it is a tedious job to vacuum each and every day. And not even then can you be certain that you have gotten rid of all dust!

ELFI air cleaning products ease or eliminate the troubles for people suffering from allergies and asthma as dust, pollen and other allergens are kept from the indoor air.

Production and warehouses

Poor air quality and high levels of particles are unfortunately common in the manufacturing and logistics business and affect the health of staff and customers. High levels of particles in the air can also be the cause of great costs if the production is disrupted or the inventory damaged.

A lot of the goods produced today unfortunately contain high amounts of chemicals. These chemicals are not contained in the products; they are released into the air when we move around or use the products. Some of the chemicals can be very harmful for people and they might cause further suffering for allergic and asthmatic people.

ELFI air cleaning products and professional installations are of very high quality and capacity and are for example used by manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and the food industry. ELFI air cleaning products clean the air from dust, sot, bacteria and chemicals and guarantee a healthy and clean indoor environment.

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