ELFI’s innovative and patented filter construction provides you with the best air purification on the market with very low power consumption and noise level.

Factories. Surgeries. Schools. Waiting rooms. Offices. Your neighbours’ house. These are some of the environments where you can find an air purifier or a ventilation filter from ELFI. We are one of the largest manufacturers in Europe and have helped people to a healthier indoor environment for the past 40 years. Regardless if you need a small and discrete air purifier for your home, a filter for your ventilation system or a professional installation for larger industries or common spaces we have the solution for you.

Above all, there are two factors that need consideration in air purification and ventilation; high level of purification and low pressure drop in the filter. ELFI’s patented filter construction, that catch particles from the air with a light electrical charge, doesn’t cause any drop in pressure and allows the air to pass almost freely through the filter. At the same time, it is very effective and catches 95-100 % of all particles from the air. This means that ELFI air purifiers are not only efficient and reliable; they are also very low on power consumption and noise level since no large fans are needed to circulate the air. ELFI air purifiers and ventilation filters are made in Sweden with top quality and capacity.

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