Particle filter 400-K

ELFI 400-K is a ventilation filter with electrostatic air cleaning; particles are caught in the filter with a light electrical charge. ELFI 400-K doesn’t have a traditional, mechanical filter and the air is allowed to flow almost freely through the filter. ELFI 400-K is silent and very low on energy consumption. It removes 95-100% of all harmful particles from the air. The capacity of ELFI 400-K is 400 m³/h. ELFI 400-K has the capacity to clean the air from harmful particles at the same time as it removes unpleasant odours and gases from the air if it is equipped with a carbon filter.

Click here to view a pressure drop diagram of ELFI ventilation filters

As the particles pass through the filter they are charged with a positive charge. The particles in the air now have a positive electric charge that makes them stick together at the same time as they are drawn towards earthed objects where they stick. Simple physics!

In the next part of the filter, a number of positive charged metal plates repel the particles towards the facing earthed metal plates. Due to this technique, no big fans are needed for the air to pass through the purifier. ELFI ventilation filters are therefore silent and very low on power consumption.

For even cleaner air – carbon filters!

It is possible to equip the ELFI 400-K with a carbon filter to rid the air from unpleasant odours and gases. This combined method of air purification guarantees the cleanest and most pleasant indoor environment.

You will need to replace the filter approximately twice a year. This is easily done by lifting out the old filter and replacing it with a new one. The carbon filter is not included and must be bought separately.

Capacity  400 m³/h
Noise level – dB
Energy consumption 7 W
Purification level 95-100%
Voltage  220-230 V
Dims, mm L/B/H 500/240/270
Weight 11 kg
Connection, diameter 160 mm

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