Particle filter ELFI650K

ELFI’s ventilation units and built in air cleaners are highly efficient, yet silent and energy saving. The unit is merely attached to an existing ventilation system and can be hidden inside the ceiling. The unit can also be used as a free standing air purifier.

Thanks to ELFI’s patented filtration system, the air cleaner removes harmful particles from the air before it enters the indoor environment.


  • Up to 99,5% PM2,5 filtration
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Low energy consumption
  • Silent operations
  • Can be used with existing ventilation
  • Can be used as a separate air cleaner
  • Delivered with Active ION HEPA bag filter
  • Made in Sweden


Click here to view a pressure drop diagram of ELFI ventilation filters 

ELFI’s duct filters use ionization to attract and catch air particles. By ionizing the air particles as they enter the duct filters, they are given a light negative charge. This makes the air particles attracted to oppositely charged surfaces, which means that they stick to the Active ION HEPA filters.

Apart from exceptional cleaning capacity, the unique Active ION HEPA filters allow for great airflow and very low energy consumption and noise levels. The Active ION HEPA filters are pre-ionized and can therefore be much sparser than traditional filters. This allows the air to flow almost freely through the filter and still come out free from particles.

Capacity  650 m³/h
Noise level – dB
Energy consumption 5 W
Purification level 95-100%
Voltage  220-230 V
Dims, mm L/B/H 960/625/325
Weight 18 kg
Connection, diameter 200 mm

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