Warranty program

Have you bought an air purifier?

Then you can get as much as 10 years warranty on your product! All you have to do is register your air purifier and replace the filter when it is consumed. Easy, right?

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For more information about our warranty program, read more below.

We know how important clean air is to our customers and how high their demands on our products and installations are. That is a trust that we take most seriously and we therefore assure the quality of our work in several steps:

Patented products

We develop all our prototypes ourselves and our research and development result in patented products and solutions. We also help other manufacturers in the business with development and manufacturing. When buying a product from ELFI, you can be certain that you’ll get the very best and latest in air purification, developed and manufactured in Alingsås, Sweden.

Professional quality

ELFI’s products are made to handle the most demanding environments. We work closely together with companies in the pharmaceutical business and we also apply the same high demands on our products and ourselves. Regardless of customer or need.


ELFI is a Swedish owned company with distributors all over Europe. This means that professional service, support and sales are never far away! Ever since we started out, more than 40 years ago, we have been passionate about providing better air quality for people in their everyday life. And we have no plans to change that.

Made in Sweden

We believe that it is something special about products that are made in Sweden. Perhaps we are somewhat biased, but the fact is that Swedish goods are associated with high quality and capacity throughout the world, a fact that we are very proud of contributing to.


Thanks to the high quality and capacity of our products, we are able to leave business leading warranties on our products. We also apply a guaranteed customer satisfaction on all of our professional installation.

Together with our partners TES Scandinavia AB and Wood’s, we at ELFI are now able to leave as much as 10 years warranty on a lot of our products. All you have to do is register your product and exchange the filter when it is expended (at least once a year).

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